Distance learning is now beginning. You will find a distance learning schedule in Files and Documents if you are looking for one to follow or want to follow which days of the week you should be completing a certain encore and lesson.

You will access the lessons of the week under Files and Documents then the correct folder for the week. In it you will find 5 videos along with a choiceboard. You are to watch the videos- one a day and then complete as many choices as you can on the choiceboard. When have completed with an activity email it to me (haberkpc@pwcs.edu) or class dojo it to me! That way I can provide you feedback on your completed work.

Don't forget if you have any questions, comments, or want to chat to attend Virtual Office Hours! Those are to be found on the Virtual Office Hours flyer on ClassDojo.

I can still be reached by email or messaging me on Class Dojo if you have questions.

As always the best work to complete at home is to read for 20 minutes EVERY day!

You all know how to login to websites through Clever- to login get onto their Microsoft Office account and find Clever like they do during library. Their username@pwcs-edu.org (ex. haberkpc@pwcs-edu.org) and their password is their computer password.

Websites they already have logins for
Prodigy To be used for Math support! I update it to fit the standards they have learned
SumDog to be used for math support. (School code: minnieville)

Clever login with their badge OR Microsoft Office (Details above)
In Clever they have access to IXL, MYON, XtraMath, Typing, and Coding
MyOn login using Microsoft Office (Details above)

Free online learning!
Scholastic At Home
Storyline Online ​free read alouds
PWCS Home Learning Resources

Class Vision & Mission
We will ALWAYS try our best and if we make mistakes, we will own it and use strategies to make changes.

With hard work, respect and kindness will go far in 2nd grade. 

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
December 27, no eventsDecember 28, no eventsDecember 29, no eventsDecember 30, no eventsDecember 31, no eventsJanuary 01, no eventsJanuary 02, no events
January 03, no eventsJanuary 04, no eventsJanuary 05, no eventsJanuary 06, no eventsJanuary 07, no eventsJanuary 08, no eventsJanuary 09, no events
January 10, no eventsJanuary 11, no eventsJanuary 12, no eventsJanuary 13, no eventsJanuary 14, no eventsJanuary 15, no eventsJanuary 16, no events
January 17, no eventsJanuary 18, no eventsJanuary 19, no eventsJanuary 20, no eventsJanuary 21, no eventsJanuary 22, no eventsToday, January 23, no events
January 24, no eventsJanuary 25, no eventsJanuary 26, no eventsJanuary 27, no eventsJanuary 28, no eventsJanuary 29, no eventsJanuary 30, no events
January 31, no eventsFebruary 01, no eventsFebruary 02, no eventsFebruary 03, no eventsFebruary 04, no eventsFebruary 05, no eventsFebruary 06, no events
Encore Schedule 12:30 - 1:15
Day 1   Music Day 5 PE Art
Day 2    PE Day 6
Day 3 Library or Guidance or Tech

Day 4 Art

Daily Schedule 

8:45 9:30 Writing
9:30   10:00 Press - In Groups
10:00 10:45 Reading
10:45 11:15 Recess
11:15 11:45 Lunch
11:45 12:30 Math
12:30 1:15 Encore (see schedule)
1:15 2:15 Math
2:05 3:15 Social Studies/Science
3:25 Dismissal