Minnieville Vision Statement:
The mission of the 
Minnieville Elementary School counseling program is to pursue academic and behavioral excellence by creating a safe, equitable and accessible environment. This program will inspire all students to reach their maximum potential through academic, career, and social/emotional development that leads them to develop a passion for learning and the capacity to overcome real world challenges to become successful leaders. Minnieville Elementary envisions a future where all our students are the best learners, friends, and citizens they can be.  They use their strengths and talents to accept challenges and SOAR for excellence.

MinnievilleSchool Counseling Vision:

Soaring for Excellence through Commitment, Collaborate, Community. As a collaborative team, we will give 100 percent effort everyday to create opportunities that provide student engagement and inspire a love for learning. We will strive to help students surpass academic expectations while celebrating individual student growth. We will build relationships with each student and family in our diverse community in an effort to help students soar for excellence.

Minnieville School Counseling Beliefs:

The professional school counselors serving Minnieville Elementary School believe:

    • All students are unique individuals who need a secure, caring, stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature in the domains of academics, personal/social, and career readiness.
    • All students have the ability to learn and achieve with fair access to resources, support and rigorous curriculum to maximize their potential.
    • The school counselors will proactively act as advocates for all students.
    • The school counselor will collaborate with families, staff and community resources to enhance student achievement.
    • In collecting and analyzing data to guide and fulfill our comprehensive school counseling program.
    • All students have the right to participate in the school counseling program.